For centuries, winemaking in Georgia has been considered one of the most important types of production, contributing to both the strengthening and prosperity of the country. Viniculture has become the basis of Georgian national culture. The Georgian people in various ways tried to express their love for this culture, which can be seen in traditional Georgian ornaments, poetry and paintings. In this regard, most Georgians sincerely believe that the history of Georgian wine and the history of the nation are inseparable. Winemaking is part of the Georgian heritage. Archaeological findings point to the ancient history of the wine industry.  Ceramic jugs for storing wine is called “Qvevri” in Georgian. The Qvevris were found on the territory of Georgia eight thousand years ago. Biochemical studies of these ancient Georgian ceramic jugs (Qvevris) show that at that time, people deliberately added antibacterial preservatives to grape juice to store wine. Qvevri buried in the ground and filled with grape juice and corked with a wooden cranberry lid could be stored for fifty years. Wine in Qvevri is the perfect natural wine, that gives the juice excellent qualities and a delicious taste. UNESCO recognized this ancient Georgian traditional method of winemaking as an object of intangible cultural heritage.

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