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White Dry Wine

Tsinandali / წინანდალი / Тсинандали

Tsinandali / წინანდალი / Тсинандали

Tsinandali is a dry white wine of the highest quality. It is produced in the microzone Tsinandali Kakheti region. Vineyards expands along the northeastern slope of the Tsivgombor gorge at 300 – 750 m above sea level with a dry subtropical climate. The villages include Akura, Vanta, Busheti, Nizhny Khodasheni, Tsinandali, Kisiskhevi, Kondoli, Nasamkhrali, Shalauri, Kurdgelauri, Vardisubani, Gulgula, Ikalto, Ruispiri. It is prepared from Rkatsiteli grape varieties (85%) and Kahuri Mtsvane (15%).                   

 A greenish-straw color characterizes the wine. It distinguishes a harmonious, sophisticated bouquet, with a full floral aroma and the taste of ripe peaches and tropical fruits.  The alcohol content is in the range of 10.5% – 12 sugar no more than 3, and acidity 5 – 7.     

Tsinandali wine was first prepared and bottled by Prince Alexander Chavchavadze in the early nineteenth century on his estate Tsinandali, which is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. At different times, it was visited by such well-known persons as Alexander Dumas, French historian Marie Felicite Brosay, Emperor Alexander 1, poets Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Griboedov. The famous Frenchman Alexander Dumas was so delighted with the hospitality and estate of Alexander Chavchavadze that he called it the “Garden of Eden.”

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